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Three times as blessed

When Lina and her husband Kon were told they were having triplets, they were thrilled and nervous.

Lina, Kon and their newborn triplets in 2001

At 12 weeks, Lina’s pregnancy took a turn for the worse and she was admitted to Mercy Hospital for Women (MHW) to save her triplets. She required complete bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

On 3 June 2001, at 28 weeks, Lina’s triplets, Grace, Nicholas and Jack, prematurely entered the world. Each precious baby weighed around a kilo and was too fragile to survive without medical attention. They were quickly transferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where they spent 12 weeks receiving lifesaving, around-the-clock care.

For Lina and Kon, it was a worrying and frightening time. Not knowing if their babies would hit milestones and if they would face lifelong challenges.

Thanks to the amazing staff at MHW, Grace, Nicholas and Jack successfully graduated through every stage of their NICU journey and were able to be discharged at what would have been 40 weeks gestation – their due date.

“The NICU staff are very special and highly skilled people. We can’t thank them enough, even after all these years, for giving us the joy of being able to bring all three of our babies home,” Lina says.

Today, over two decades later, Grace, Nicholas and Jack are healthy, happy and thriving young adults in their final years of university.

Last year, the triplets celebrated another important milestone – their 21st birthdays. To their loving parents, they are three miracles who overcame the most incredible odds.

“In our Will, we wanted to acknowledge the contribution the NICU made to our family. At every milestone and with every achievement our children experience in life, I think of the

Over the years, Mercy Health Foundation has been blessed by many donors, like Lina, who have paid tribute to the care Mercy Health provided their loved ones.

Every year, thousands of babies are born before their due date, requiring admission to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or Special Care nursery. The Mercy Hospital for Women cares for more than 1,700 babies in the NICU and SCN every year.

You too can help these premature babies receive the best possible start in life. Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference to the lives of premature babies and their families, helping to bring more mothers and babies safely home.

If you are considering including a gift in your Will to Mercy Health Foundation, it would be our pleasure to confidentially discuss this with you.


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Lillian’s legacy

When Peter’s beloved mother, Lillian (Lil) was diagnosed with advanced stage bowel cancer, it was a difficult time for the family. Lil required end-of-life care and her preference was to stay at home. During this time, Lil and her family experienced first-hand Mercy Health’s care first approach.

“The care mum received from the Mercy Palliative Care nurses was phenomenal – these nurses went above and beyond what we ever expected. I remember one time when mum needed assistance during the middle of the night for pain management. The nurses came straight away and stayed with mum throughout the night, making her feel as comfortable as possible. They really were amazing,” Peter says.

When Lil passed away, Peter and his father, Robert, found it difficult to cope with the loss.

A photo of Peter’s mum, Lil, that hangs in the kitchen of his home.

The Mercy Health Palliative Care team offered grief counselling to Peter and Robert, who took up the service.

The Mercy grief counsellors were wonderful. They helped dad and I open up about our feelings of grief and loss. Their compassion, care and understanding really enabled us to get on with life. I will never forget it,” Peter says.

After the extraordinary care Lil received, Peter was motivated to give back to the Mercy Health services that meant so much to him and his father.

Peter included a gift to Mercy Health Foundation in his Will to support others experiencing Mercy Health’s compassionate end-of-life care.

“Leaving a gift in my Will to Mercy Health Foundation is my way of saying thank you to the Mercy Palliative Care staff who went above and beyond in the care they showed mum during the most challenging time in her life,” Peter says.

Peter, outside his family home, in his beloved Collingwood jersey.

Peter’s special acknowledgement will help many others facing a similar situation. It will allow Mercy Palliative Care to continue their care and service, ensuring each person can experience the best quality of life possible for them — physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually.


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