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Mercy Perinatal

Mercy Perinatal is committed to protecting mothers and their precious babies throughout pregnancy. Based at Mercy Hospital for Women, the internationally renowned centre of excellence provides clinical care, education and research.

What is Mercy Perinatal?

Opened on 5 November 2016, Mercy Perinatal has built a reputation as a leader in the care of high risk pregnancies. Mercy Perinatal strives to bring mothers and their babies home safely by providing the best clinical care, developing their practice through research and ensuring maternity care providers receive accessible and engaging education. Their team includes dedicated clinicians, teachers and researchers. Recognising that the start of life forms the foundations of a long and healthy life, this team has a single focus – to ensure the best nine months of pregnancy, and the best start to life.

It is every parents’ dream to have a smooth pregnancy, one without the worry of complications. Unfortunately, that dream cannot be realised for far too many families. Tragically, one in 130 pregnancies across Australia end in stillbirth and eight per cent of Australian babies are born preterm. Around the world, the statistics are even more disturbing: 2.6 million lives are lost to stillbirth every year; preeclampsia claims the lives of 70,000 mothers, and 500,000 babies every year. Mercy Perinatal is committed to the care, education and research that can make an impact in these crucial areas.

By supporting Mercy Health Foundation, you will be ensuring that Mercy Perinatal can continue their vital work. The incredible team of clinicians, researchers and teachers need the financial support of donors, like you, to continue their ground-breaking and lifesaving care.

Stories of Mercy Perinatal’s extraordinary care

Paula Metaxiotis had her little baby boy John at just 26 weeks, weighing 395 grams.

“Sue was very honest with us. On the first visit she said, ‘You need to realise you’re going to have a really tiny baby.’ When I finally saw John, I knew what tiny meant. He weighed less than a tub of butter. Now, with the treatment he’s had at Mercy Hospital for Women, his heart is good, his brain is good. At the end of the day he’s our perfect little boy.”

Alex Tighe, a board member of Mercy Health Foundation, knows personally the incredible work of the Mercy Perinatal team.

“In 2012, our family was eagerly awaiting the arrival of our third child. But our lives were changed forever when our son, John (Jack) Benedict Tighe, was unexpectedly born prematurely and died at birth.

“Often, as was the case for us, there is no explanation as to why things went wrong, which only compounds our loss.

“We then suffered multiple miscarriages before I fell pregnant again. We were overjoyed to celebrate the safe arrival of our daughter Isabel in December 2015.

“I have been fortunate to meet some amazing health professionals, like Professor Sue Walker, who are working hard at saving precious lives and to give families like mine hope, when previously there was no hope.”

Your donation will have a direct impact on the future for mothers and their babies, just like Alex, Paula and their families.

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