We answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about including a gift in your Will.

How do I make a Will?

We strongly encourage you to consult with a solicitor to make your Will to ensure your wishes are met. However, if your Will doesn’t involve a complex estate, you may wish to consider using an online Will writing platform such as Safewill.

Safewill provides an easy option for Australians to write their Will from the comfort of their own home, in just a few clicks. Mercy Health Foundation donors and supporters can write their Will for the special discounted rate of $80 per person. Head to www.safewill.com/mercyhealth to find out more.

We also encourage you to discuss your Will and wishes with your family and loved ones. What's in your Will can help your family understand why you made certain decisions and can help reduce the likelihood of an inheritance dispute.

Why leave a gift in my Will to Mercy Health Foundation?

Whilst Mercy Health receives funding from the government, it is simply not enough. By including a gift in your Will to Mercy Health Foundation, we can ensure that Mercy Health continues to provide the best possible health outcomes to those in our communities long into the future.

A gift to Mercy Health Foundation, rather than a specific site or service, eg. Mercy Hospital for Women, will allow for funds to be directed where they are most needed at the time

Can I decide where the funds will be directed?

It is preferable that gifts are designated for general use, as areas of need within Mercy Health change over time. However, it is possible to specify that your gift be utilised for a specific purpose, for example:

For a particular facility:
“...for the use of general purpose at Mercy Palliative Care in Sunshine”

For research:
“...to be used for the purposes of research.”

If you wish to make a gift for a specific purpose, please contact Mercy Health Foundation to ensure your request can be fulfilled.

Who can leave a gift in a Will?

Regardless of your assets, anyone can leave a gift in their Will to Mercy Health Foundation. You do not have to be wealthy to make a difference. We are grateful for every gift, large or small as each one will make a significant difference to the people we care for.

I already have a Will. How do I change it to include a gift to Mercy Health Foundation?

You can simply add a clause, called a codicil, to your existing Will. We recommend speaking with your solicitor to add a codicil to your Will.  This must be signed and witnessed in the same manner as a Will.

Alternatively, if you have an online Will, you should be able to include a gift in your Will through your chosen platform.  

What type of gift can I leave to Mercy Health Foundation in my Will?

Gifts can be made in a variety of ways to suit your personal preferences. You can leave the whole or part of the residue of your estate, percentage of your estate or a specific sum of money. The majority of our supporters choose to leave a ‘residual’ gift. This is a percentage of the remainder of your estate after loved ones have been taken care of. A residual gift holds its value over time and automatically adjusts to changes in the value of your estate, minimising the need to change your Will at various times. ‘Even just 1% of your estate can make a significant difference and will help to transform lives.’

What wording should I use in my Will?

If you would like suggestions for specific wording, you can find it on our ‘Information for solicitors and executors’ page.

Your solicitor will need our ABN (60905269648) and our registered name (Mercy Health Foundation). If you are using Safewill to write your Will, these details will be automatically supplied, should you choose to include a gift in your Will to us.

Do I have to tell you about my gift?

We understand that making a decision to leave a charitable gift in your Will is a very personal one and not everyone wishes to inform us of their intentions. However, it would mean so much to us to know that we have your generous support so that we can personally thank you and provide you with more insights into the impact of your charitable gift. Any information you share with us will be kept strictly confidential.

Who do I contact for more information?

To find out more about how to include a gift in your Will to Mercy Health Foundation, or if you would like to inform us that you have made this gesture of generosity, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us today on 03 9814 7766 for a confidential discussion. A member of the Mercy Health Foundation team will be happy to assist you.

Last reviewed August 11, 2023.

Information for solicitors and executors

Registered name and ABN If you are drafting a Will for a client who wishes to leave a gift to Mercy Health Foundation, please ensure our registered name and ABN are included in the wording: Mercy Health Foundation ABN 60 905 269 648 Suggested wording for a Will Percentage – Choose this wording to leave...
Information for solicitors and executors