A Mercy Health female worker with short brown hair sits to the left of an elderly resident who holds her hand. They smile at each other.

Palliative Care

Preparing for the end of life is a deeply intimate and personal experience. We provide support to palliative care patients, residents, their families and loved ones, to provide comfort as people approach the end of life.

For anyone supporting a loved one through the final stages of life, the journey through palliative care can be stressful and challenging.

For many people, the suddenness of the experience leaves them in urgent need. Managing a terminal illness can have a significant impact on your resources. Family members who become carers might have limited leave entitlements and often face difficult decisions, such as whether to leave their job or seek unpaid leave to continue caring for their loved one. Other financial challenges include the cost of medication, medical fees, travel and increased costs involved with heating, cooling or using additional equipment.

The Foundation provides funding to support people in need who find themselves in these situations. Often, their needs are quite practical, but they can significantly impact on a person’s quality of life. Funds can be used for things as simple as purchasing reading glasses, so a patient can read the instructions for their medications, or for more essential items like food vouchers.

The Palliative Care program supports people to live as comfortably as possible while approaching the end of life.

Your contribution helps us provide this critical support. A $200 donation can provide a voucher for groceries for a week, and alleviate the pressure on a family struggling at a difficult time.

Last reviewed November 6, 2019.