A man and a smiling woman stand in a hospital hallway holding a new born sleeping baby, the man bends down to kiss the baby.

Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values

As a values-driven organisation, every aspect and initiative of Mercy Health is guided by compassion, hospitality, respect, innovation, stewardship and teamwork. In addition to our values, the Foundation works towards achieving our vision by delivering on our purpose.

Our vision

To build an enduring capacity and passion to serve people with special needs.

Our purpose

To support Mercy Health by providing funds to advance care and improve life outcomes for people in need.

Our values

Compassion: We are present for others in their time of need.

Hospitality: We welcome people with warmth and offer comfort.

Respect: We respect the sacredness of the gift of life. We act with integrity and justice, and value each person’s dignity.

Innovation: We strive to create a dynamic environment that encourages creativity and diversity.

Stewardship: We build and strengthen the ministry and all resources entrusted to us.

Teamwork: We work together to progress the Mercy mission.