Take 5 – Help Babies Thrive

Every parent deserves to experience the joy that comes with giving birth to a healthy baby. Mercy Perinatal is invested in the most vulnerable of babies and their parents. You too can help.

In Australia and around the world, no matter the restriction or threat, Mercy Health Foundation are committed to supporting Mercy Perinatal. That is why we want you to Take 5 – Help Babies Thrive

With the five kilometre radius restriction in Melbourne, we are asking our supporters to walk, run or ride five kilometres a day, five times in one week, and raise vital funds for Mercy Perinatal. Register as an individual or a team to help bring healthy babies home to their families.

For everyone living with Stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne, life has changed dramatically. This is a stark reminder for the rest of Australia that a second wave of coronavirus can be devastating. At Mercy Perinatal, the care of pregnant women and their precious babies cannot stop for a pandemic.

We invite you to share our vision of ensuring the best possible nine months and a healthy start to life for all families. Find out more about Mercy Perinatal here.

From anywhere across Australia, whether you are facing restrictions or not, join in and Take 5 – Help Babies Thrive.


Last reviewed August 18, 2020.