Mother’s Day Tax Appeal 2021

From the moment a woman is pregnant, her heart beats in anticipation of holding a healthy baby in her arms. But sadly, for thousands of women in Australia and all around the world, that dream is threatened by the heartbreaking reality of medical complications in pregnancy and the risk of stillbirth.

Since its establishment in 2014, Mercy Perinatal has become an international perinatal centre of excellence, uniting the three pillars of education, clinical care and research. At the heart of Mercy Perinatal is a commitment to bringing mothers and babies safely home, and the recognition that safe pregnancy, childbirth and the best possible start to life are in everyone’s hands.

This is why your support is so important. Your gift is crucial to help Mercy Perinatal realise the dream of safe motherhood for all women through exceptional clinical care, research projects and training programs that can treat some of these devastating pregnancy complications and reduce the risk of stillbirth.

This tax time, please consider giving a gift to Mercy Health Foundation to support the work that Mercy Perinatal is doing to realise the dream of safe motherhood for all women.

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Tax Appeal 2021 – Khyati and baby Veer

Just weeks into her first pregnancy, 34-year-old Khyati learned that her twin sister had a congenital heart disorder, which meant that she too might have the same condition. A series of tests confirmed the heartbreaking news: Khyati also had a condition called heart block, which disrupts the usual rhythm of the heart. This meant that Khyati experienced fainting spells as her heart rate dropped to extremely dangerous low levels.

Tax Appeal 2021 – Khyati and baby Veer

Last reviewed June 8, 2021.