Imagine Fund Spring Appeal 2021

Imagine if there were experiences or achievements that you had hoped to accomplish during your lifetime but hadn’t – your ‘bucket list’. This week, Mercy Health Foundation Imagine Fund helped former Olympian and Mercy Place Colac resident Bob Joyce realise a long-held dream by ticking one big thing off his own bucket list.

You are never too old to live your dream.

A resident at Mercy Place Colac, Bob competed in the 110 metre hurdles at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne alongside giants of sport like Strickland, Rose and Cuthbert. To go back to the heart of the 1956 Olympics – the Melbourne Cricket Ground – and see his name on the scoreboard once more would be a dream come true for Bob. This week, the Imagine Fund made it happen!

Bob’s Olympic journey is quite unique, but there are countless stories of older people with dreams that are yet to be realised. Some years ago, Mercy Health noticed that many of our residents and clients all across Australia had dreams and aspirations that were out of reach. Sadly, many people don’t have the family support, or the means to accomplish these dreams without our help. You can help us keep the flame of imagination alight.

You can help turn imagination into reality for the older people in your community.

At Mercy Health, care for residents and clients is about more than comfort and reassurance. It is about enhancing quality of life for older Australians. We value each person’s life story and recognise how important it is for our residents to continue living a meaningful life.

Whether you are a son, daughter, grandchild or neighbour, you probably know an older person who is still full of dreams and aspirations.

Help us make those dreams come true.

Imagine if there were things that could make an older person’s life easier or more interesting, such as a joyride in a Tiger Moth plane, a new iPad or a new wheelchair ramp. Please help celebrate the lives, achievements and stories of the older people in our care by supporting the Imagine Fund today.

Last reviewed August 4, 2021.