Help Us Fight Appeal

At Mercy Health, our focus is to ensure the comfort and care of the vulnerable, at every stage of life. For Sue Littlechild, a Clinical Midwife Consultant at Werribee Mercy Hospital, she witnesses the effects coronavirus has on the precious babies and mothers she cares for every day.

Your generous gift will ensure we have practical solutions to help those affected by coronavirus and its widespread impacts. Your helps means:

  • doctors, nurses and carers have the equipment and supplies they need to safely provide critical care
  • expectant and new mothers struggling with limited family or community support during isolation receive the care they need
  • everyone in our care who may be struggling with anxiety and depression can receive the mental healthcare they need.

Some examples of what your gift could support include:

  • providing critical equipment to save lives and provide the best possible care
  • helping to upgrade our acute mental health services that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • delivering expectant and new mothers home self-care packages, which include blood pressure monitors, baby weighing scales and online maternal services
  • installing infrared cameras to detect and minimise the transition of all diseases in our hospitals and residential aged care homes.


Last reviewed May 29, 2020.