Christmas Appeal 2018

Mercy Health Foundation’s Urgent Need program assists patients like Khoa and their loved ones while they receive services from Mercy Palliative Care. Your help today covers costs like groceries, a special dinner for Christmas, or a toy to make a sick child smile.

“When the doctor told me — I was standing up, but I was falling. Falling through a bottomless pit,” says Khoa’s mum, Thao.

Thao is a young mum whose little boy is her world. Khoa had seemed a healthy and happy baby, until one day he started falling backwards when Thao sat him down. Doctors told her he was probably just playing games.

But at 16 months old, Khoa was worse, not better. Thao took him to the hospital. An MRI found he has a rare nerve disorder called adrenoleukodystrophy.

“They told me there’s nothing they can do. Eventually he will go. I was hopeless. I was in so much pain. But I’m trying to be strong for my child.”

Khoa made it to his second birthday, but Thao has no idea how much longer he will be with her. She has been grateful for Mercy Health Foundation’s support, offered thanks to generous people like you.

Everyday Mercy Palliative Care nurses and community care workers visit Khoa and Thao at home. Working with Khoa’s treating hospital, they change his drip, top up his medicine, and provide his mum with moral support.

They also recommended the family seek funding from our Urgent Need program. This helps people through the financial hardship when they, or their loved one is coming to the end of their life.

This assistance with day-to-day living costs allows Thao to dedicate herself to giving Khoa the 24/7 care he needs. The Urgent Need program also paid for massage training for Thao, teaching her techniques to relieve Khoa’s pain herself.

Your donation today would help a family like Khoa’s pay for a week’s worth of groceries, travel expenses to get to the doctor, massage therapy to ease a patient’s aches and pains, a beautiful Christmas dinner to remember, or a toy that gives some happiness to a seriously ill child.

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Last reviewed November 2, 2018.