An elderly man in a wheelchair and grey tracksuit wears a virtual reality headset while a male Mercy Health worker kneels nearby,

Aged Care Collaborative Research

The Aged Care Collaborative Research Initiative conducts research that supports residents of aged care homes to experience the best day possible.

Wherever you call home, balance and variety are essential for a rich, meaningful life. The Aged Care Collaborative Research Initiative partakes in research projects with two major Australian universities—the Australian Catholic University (ACU) and the University of Notre Dame Australia—to ensure that people living in aged care homes can live life well, the way they choose.

In the past 12 months, the Foundation has distributed funds to enable the ACU and Mercy Health to undertake a research program looking at consumer-directed care in the residential aged care setting.

Initial results from the research have been published: Older and Wiser – Putting the Consumer’s Voice at the Centre of Residential Aged Care.

Other collaborative research projects currently underway with the Institute for Health and Ageing include:

  1. PEARL: a Program to Enhance Adjustment to Residential Aged Care
  2. Virtual Reality in Aged Care: an evaluation of the positive impact of using virtual reality glasses in aged care

Your donation helps us expand our focus for research activities in this critical area of need. Your support will help us improve care and support for residents and families across aged care.

Last reviewed February 22, 2018.