The Board

​The Mercy Health Foundation board is governed by six directors. The Board oversees policies, strategic direction and the distribution of funds in accordance with public ancillary funds guidelines.

Mr Julien O’Connell AM

  • Title: Executive Chairman

Julien was appointed as a Director to the Mercy Health Board and the Board’s Finance, Audit and Risk Committee in 2005. He was subsequently appointed Chairman of Mercy Health in 2008. Julien served as Chairman of Mercy Health for 10 years. He has a diverse and varied background in accounting, insurance, risk management and marketing, and holds a number of qualifications in those disciplines. He is currently Pro-Chancellor at the Australian Catholic University and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He also holds positions as director or chairman of a number of boards including the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne Finance Council and he is a Member of the State Government Council of Board Chairs. Julien was appointed a Director of Mercy Health Foundation in 2008 and was subsequently appointed Executive Chairman of the Foundation in 2018.

Ms Margaret Bounader

  • Title: Board Member

Margaret has over 20 years’ experience working in international trade and investment. She spent 10 years living and working overseas as part of the Australian Diplomatic Service, holding Trade Commissioner positions in South Africa and Singapore. Margaret is a co-founder of the Women in Global Business program — a joint Australian, state and territory government initiative. She is also involved in community interests, such as the Human Rights Arts & Film Festival. Margaret joined the Foundation Committee in 2012 and was appointed Director in 2013. She was also appointed Interim Chair for a period of six months in 2018.

Mr Stephen Elder

  • Title: Board Member

Stephen is the Executive Director of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. Stephen served as the Member for Ballarat North and Ripon from 1988–1999. Stephen also served as the Parliamentary Secretary for Education in the Victorian Government from 1992–1999. Prior to serving as a parliamentarian, Stephen was a respected teacher and community worker with the Broadmeadows Youth Services and held management positions with the Community Services Departments of the Manly Municipal Council and Ballarat City Council. Stephen holds numerous board positions across Catholic education. Stephen joined the Foundation Committee in 2010 and was appointed Director in 2013.

Sr Helen Monkivitch RSM AO

  • Title: Board Member

Sr Helen, Executive Director of Leadership and Mission, is responsible for Mercy Health’s leadership development and mission. She played a key role in the development of Mercy Health and is the keeper of our history and the history of the Sisters of Mercy. Sr Helen was the Chief Executive Officer and Sister Administrator of Mercy Hospital for Women. She was a member of the congregational leadership team of the Sisters of Mercy, Melbourne Congregation, and President of Catholic Health Australia and the Australian College of Health Service Executives (Victorian branch). Sr Helen was appointed as a Director to the Mercy Health Foundation in 2010.

Mr Doug Sumner

  • Title: Board Member

Doug is the owner and Principal of DCS Financial Services Consulting, which provides consulting services to boards around investment governance and management, as well as business and strategic planning, brand and organisational growth. Doug has over 20 years’ experience in marketing, product development, wealth management and financial planning, most recently with State Trustees. Doug joined the Foundation Committee in 2011 and was appointed Director in 2013.

Mr Tom Hennessey

  • Title: Board Member

Tom has been Commercial Manager, Morobe Mining JV, Newcrest Mining Ltd since 2013, responsible for governance and planning processes, and group business analysis. Prior to this, Tom held other senior roles at Newcrest, including Manager Group Business Planning and Manager Mergers and Acquisitions. He has also worked in Indonesia as Finance Manager for PT Nusa Halmahera Minerals. Tom has a Bachelor of Commerce from Monash University and Postgraduate Finance Honours, having completed semesters on international exchange programs at Uppsala University, Sweden and the University of Miami, USA. Tom is based in Western Australia and was appointed to the Mercy Health Foundation Board in March 2017.

Last reviewed July 16, 2018.