Distribution Advisory Committee

The Mercy Health Foundation Distribution Advisory Committee was established to advise the Foundation on how funds should be distributed in order to achieve our key objectives: advancing care and improving life outcomes for people in need.

The background

The Foundation receives a number of requests from Mercy Health to provide money and resources for projects and programs that align with the Foundation’s objectives. These submissions vary in size, nature and complexity, and in most circumstances, the specific importance of one project or program over another is unknown.

To assist in establishing the most effective and strategic distribution of funds (an obligation from clause 4 of the Trust Deed), the Foundation established an advisory committee in accordance with clause 13 of the Trust Deed. The committee is called the Mercy Health Foundation Distributions Advisory Committee.

Purpose and objective

The role of the Mercy Health Foundation Distribution Advisory Committee is to advise the Foundation on how payments or applications of income or capital should be made. Specifically, in relation to the projects and programs for which Mercy Health wishes to seek funding from the Foundation.

In particular, the committee provides advice on the:

  1. suitability and approval status of the various projects and programs submitted by Mercy Health business units for funding by the Foundation
  2. priority and ranking of the various projects and programs in order for the Foundation to prioritise its disbursement allocations
  3. timing for the delivery of the project and programs in order for the Foundation to assess likely or potential funding sources in addition to any existing funds.

Ultimately, the committee recommends projects in order of highest priority to lowest, for which Mercy Health has sought funding from the Foundation. The Foundation disburses funds based upon these recommendations.


The committee consists of the following roles:

  • Executive Director — Foundation (Chair)
  • Grants and Programs Manager — Foundation (Secretary)
  • Group Chief Executive Officer (Mercy Health)
  • Chief Executive — Health Services (Mercy Health)
  • Chief Executive — Aged and Community Care (Mercy Health)
  • Group Executive Director — Finance and Corporate Services (Mercy Health)
  • External independent advisors (up to three).

The Mercy Health Foundation Executive Director or the Mercy Health Group Chief Executive Officer can inviteother people to join or attend the committee. The Executive Director of the Foundation will consider any recommendations made by the committee in relation to inviting additional people to join.

Last reviewed February 5, 2020.

The Board

The Mercy Health Foundation Board oversees policies, strategic direction and the distribution of funds in accordance with public ancillary funds guidelines.

The Board