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How the Foundation Works

Since 2006, Mercy Health Foundation has worked hard to establish a $14.5 million endowment that supports programs to advance care and improve the life outcomes of people in need.

Mercy Health Foundation exists only to enhance care and services — and does this through three main activities: raising funds, investing funds (endowments) and distributing funds.

We like to think that we approach this area very differently to others, and we are keen to work with donors to ensure we respond to your unique wishes.

Raising funds

Most of our efforts relate to the raising of funds. Philanthropy is instrumental in delivering on our mission, vision, purpose and values.

The Foundation works closely with our many varied donors, including large philanthropic and family donors, corporate partners, event participants, community fundraisers and Mercy Health staff.

Our efforts in raising funds are divided into three key areas:

  1. development;
  2. individual giving; and
  3. bequests.


Development involves creating and strengthening mutually beneficial relationships with potential significant donors. Significant donors can include individuals, trusts, foundations and corporate entities.

Development involves introducing prospective donors to our work and the Mercy Health Foundation’s key programs. By establishing a relationship with our programs and initiatives, significant donors can build interest, develop a shared passion for our mission, and ensure we can continue to deliver on that mission into the future.

Individual giving

Individual giving refers to the many charitable gifts we receive from the public. We engage with our individual donors in several ways to ensure we remain connected, and continue to foster better health outcomes for people in need.

We connect with donors through mail, community fundraising initiatives, events, gifts in memory, and donation boxes. We also encourage the practice of workplace giving, whereby Mercy Health staff can give to certain causes directly from their pay.


A bequest is the act of a person giving or leaving something in their will. A bequest is often used to celebrate or acknowledge a legacy beyond the end of a person’s life. Our bequest program provides support to people looking at bequeathing funds to Mercy Health.

Investment of Funds

Our investments are managed by external funds management organisations. Learn more about our investment strategy.

Distribution of Funds

We are advised on the priorities for our distributions by a subcommittee of the Mercy Health Foundation Board, called the Mercy Health Foundation Distribution Advisory Committee. The Foundation is managed in compliance with the Public Ancillary Fund Guidelines.

Organisational Structure

​​The Mercy Health Foundation structure reflects the main purpose of the organisation - to support Mercy Health programs that advance the care and services for people in need.

Organisational Structure

Our investment strategy

Our investment strategy outlines the objectives and approach we adopt in managing our investments. Learn more about our approach and the steps we take to ensure ethical investments that align with the values of Mercy Health.

Our investment strategy


At Mercy Health our strength is truly our people.